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Providing information to families to make educated decisions is an obligation for funeral homes. DNA Memorial is the authority in genetic record preservation and funeral service is in our DNA

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We at DNA Memorial pride ourselves in offering our services reliably, respectfully and in a timely manner to those in mourning. If you are a funeral service provider, hospice program or a non-profit association that administers grieving programs and you would like to learn more, we invite you to contact us. DNA Memorial provides our services and products to funeral consumer families exclusively through our funeral provider network. To become a DNA Memorial funeral provider, please select the “click here” under Register. Download the Business Agreement, complete the information, sign the document and return to us. Upon our receipt of the completed Business Agreement, we will set up your account, provide you login access to our system, send collection kits, our catalog, and work with your firm to initiate training. Please fax the form to +44 (0)8455333562 or INFO@ROFTEK.COM