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Jewellery and Remembrance Crystal – The DNA Infusion Collection

Your chosen DNA Infusion piece, like your loved one, is special. It will be handcrafted by our glass artists who are based at  the historic Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge, England.  The Glass Cone (and our artist Sarah) was featured on a 2014 BBC Programme, Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo”. You can see this video by clicking here.


Our Lead Glass Artisans:


JaneJane – Lead Glass Artist for Jewellery

Jane Ellis is a Fused Glass Artist, originally she studied and worked with stained glass and then quickly moved to fusing or kiln formed glass. Jane has studied at the world famous International College of Glass and has qualifications in both Hot Glass and Lampworked Glass. Her residency at the Red House Glass began in 2010 where she creates beautiful jewellery pieces as well as teaches. Jane combines elements of fusing with glass and metals along with lamp worked details to make kiln formed glass pictures. Her work has featured as part of the ‘Next Big Thing’ exhibition for the International festival of Glass in 2010. As well as in exhibitions at Broadfield House Glass Museum and Bilston Craft Gallery.

SarahSarah – Lead Glass Artist for Jewellery

Sarah Jones produces bespoke handmade glass beads. Sarah studied stained and lampwork glass at the international glass centre and in 2010 took up residency at The Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge’s glass quarter where she can be seen crafting her work as well as teaching. Sarah has appeared on television, in magazines and newspapers. She was recently a featured artisan in the BBC series ‘Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo.’ Sarah was also one of the artists selected to produce a piece of work for the international glass festivals Back to the Future exhibition in 2012. In 2014 she was selected to be included in “a string of beads” book and exhibition celebrating the history of glass bead making. Sarah also exhibited at Bilston Craft Galleries “A Glass Act” exhibition in 2013.


Charlotte – Lead Glass Artist for Remembrance Crystal

Charlotte embarked on her journey as a glass artist by graduating from the University of Sunderland with a Degree in Glass, Architectural Glass and Ceramics. She then became a hot glass studio team member at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland gaining experience in running workshops, demonstrations and teaching. In 2006 she graduated with a MFA Art from Ohio State University, USA and took up residency at the Red House Glass Cone in January 2008. Charlotte has exhibited her work internationally. Her work forms part of the Permanent Collection of Ebeltoft Glass Museum in Denmark, Broadfield House Glass Museum in England and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, UK. Charlotte was included in the book ‘25 Years of New Glass Review’ by Tina Oldknow, and has featured in local, regional and national newspapers, radio and television. Charlotte often works to commission, combining glass with a mixed media approach to create sculptural work.

redhouseThe Red House Glass Cone

The Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge is home to glass making for over 400 years and the centre of the Glass Quarter of the UK. The Cone was built around 1790 and is a conical building approximately 100ft high. It was designed to channel air into the furnace to make the fires burn hotter and also provided a large work space for the glassmakers. Even after technology advanced and the cones were no longer needed to act as chimneys, the buildings were still used for glassmaking until many eventually fell into disrepair, were demolished or simply collapsed. Today there are only four cones left standing in Britain and the Red House Glass Cone is the most complete example in Europe, and the only one open to the public where glassblowing can still be seen. It was most recently home to Stuart Crystal who produced many important historical pieces of glass. Your Remembrance Crystal will be made in the same room where every piece of glassware on the Titanic was produced.

Below are some of the exhibitions, collections and publications where the artists have featured.


  • “Next big thing” international festival of glass, Stourbridge
  • “Beside the seaside” broadfield glass museum
  • “Back to the future” international festival of glass
  • “A Glass Act” Bilston craft gallery
  • “Transformation and Metamorphiosis” Galerie Handwerk, München, Germany
  • “21st Centaury Showcase” Manchester Art Gallery
  • “Bulgarian Festival of Glass Gallery Skalda” Sofia, Bulgaria
  • “Best of the Best” Art in Action, Water Perry Gardens, Oxfordshire
  • “SOFA Chicago” Navy Pier, Chicago IL
  • “Arts Council England” West Midlands Office, Birmingham
  • “BIGG (Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass)” Hawk Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • “Same Difference” Corning New York, USA


  • ‘Permanent Collection’, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark
  • ‘Permanent Collection’ Broadfield House Glass Museum, Stourbridge, UK
  • ‘Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole (Private Collection)’ The National Museums Scotland. Edinburgh, UK
  • ‘Permanent Collection’ Wear Valley Council, County Durham, UK


  • ‘A String of Beads – A light-hearted history of glass bead making in the UK’ by Pauline Holt ISBN: 099287710
  • ’25 Years of New Glass Review’, by Tina Oldknow. ISBN: 0872901602

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